3 Days of Pure Horror

  1. All vendor tables must not be left unattended at any time.
  2. Vendors can close their tables at anytime without penalization.
    Vendors Hours:
    Friday 6:00 P.M. - 12:00 Midnight
    Saturday 12:00 Noon - 12:00 Midnight.
  3. Festival are not responsible if vendors don't make money.
  4. Vendor space size is 10x10. Electricity will be provided free to all vendors at the festival. However vendors are responsible for their own cords and other miscellaneous items required to operate their table.
  5. No pornographic, illegal, stolen or copyrighted merchandise will be permitted at the Horrific Film Fest. Vendors in violation will be asked to leave the festival, will not be reimbursed and will not be allowed to participate in any future Horrific Film Festivals.
  6. All vendors need to keep their area clean at all times. Please bring your own trash bags to collect your garbage and food. We need to keep the facility clean at all times.
  7. Each vendor will receive up to two complimentary Dealer Passes (wristbands; no exceptions)
  8. Exhibitors agree to hold harmless Ortiz Entertainment and any of its production partners from loss or damage of merchandise or injury sustained during attendance at the Horrific Film Fest for the duration of the event. Ortiz Entertainment takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen during these hours. It is up to vendors to carry insurance for their goods.
  9. Promotion of a similar genre event at the Horrific Film Fest without the authorization of Ortiz Entertainment is strictly prohibited. Vendors promoting other events without permission will result in booth closure without refund.
  10. Vendors must provide their own table with two chairs.
  11. Payments made shall not be returned in the event an Exhibitor cancels or is a "no show".
  12. Vendors must pay for the table using our PayPal system.
  13. Each day vendors must bring their own 6 foot table with 2 chairs.

  14. Vendor tables will cost $75.00 for both days.
  15. Additional vendor tables will cost $75.00 for both days.
  16. Cutoff date for special vendors rate is September 30, 2017. Vendor table rate go up to $100.00 both days after September 30, 2017
  17. Tables will not be shared, rearranged,or switched with other vendors.
  18. Vendors are responsible to have there tax ID available,” JUST IN CASE”.
  19. If the show is cancelled for any reason, the show sole responsibility to exhibitors is to return any payment paid by them and neither party shall have any further right, obligations of liability with regard to the other.
  20. Vendor spaces are not guaranteed until their space is paid in full.

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